Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Kindle Fire - $199

Tech Specs
    1. 7" LCD Screen
    2. 2-point multitouch
    3. Wi-Fi
    4. No 3G, Camera, Microphone
    5. Processor: 1 ghz TI OMAP, dual-core
    6. RAM: 512 mb
    7. Storage: 8 gb
    8. Weight: 14.6 ounces
    9. Android: 2.2
    10. AppStore: Amazon AppStore
    11. WhisperSync - syncs books, magazines, movies, and TV Shows
First Thoughts
Since it has just been release, it is hard to know how good the battery life is but it looks to be a very themed Android tablet. It is also the best Android tablet out right now as it looks to have all of the features consumers are looking for in a portable media device that can also run apps. The 10" model is schedule to release in 2012 due to manufacturing delays but Amazon will need to get a hold on its free app of the day deals as that could pose a problem to developers wanting to submit apps to their app store if updates and payments are delayed due to miscommunication.

(Initial) Recommendation
If you have $200 to spend, I would say go for it. Since many of the same apps are available in the Amazon Appstore, it is a good buy, even though some apps may be delayed in getting the latest features and updates.