Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich Theme-athon

Here is a quick run down for those of you who want to make your device look like Ice Cream Sandwich now...

I've broken down the basic requirements for each theme, app, etc. by CyanogenMod users and everyone else to include as many users as possible. The final option (and probably the easiest) is to try out ICS Launcher. Read on for more and feel free to send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Click here for some screenshots from my Samsung Captivate running CyanogenMod7 with the Ice Cream Sandwich theme. All of my modifications are in the CyanogenMod instructions below.
  • Cyanogenmod Users
    • Lockscreen - @DameonandMeagon on xda
      • Offers Blue, Green, and White rings
      • Should work on any CM7 release from 7.1 and on (prior releases may or may not work depending on the release)
      • Requires Ring unlock - go to Settings > CyanogenMod Settings > Lockscreen > Style Options > Lockscreen Style to make sure you have it before installing
      • Supports 4 custom app launching shortcuts (i.e. Gmail, HDR Camera, Messaging, Phone)
      • xda Forum Link
    • Theme Chooser Theme
      • Very good look and feel - also updates certain app icons (i.e. Gmail, Clock, SMS, etc.) to match Ice Cream Sandwich
      • Market Link
    • Ice Cream Sandwich Color Code - #ff0b8ff (Good for having a matching Notification Power Widget color)
  • All Other Users
    • ADW Launcher - Market Link
    • LauncherPro - Market Link
    • Go Launcher - Market Link
    • ADW / LauncherPro / Go Launcher Theme - Market Link
      • Requires one of the mentioned launchers to use so don't go trying it out before you have one of these launchers
      • Be sure to allow the theme to change system icons so you get the "new" iconset that is currently included
      • The App Drawer icon can be changed (if it doesn't change automatically) but long-pressing on it, clicking edit, then YourSpecificLauncher Iconset, select ICS Theme, and then selecting the appropriate icon
    • Note: the color code noted above didn't seem to work for the ADW Button (I'm not sure about LauncherPro or Go Launcher) as it made it a pinkish color rather than metallic blue so I left the icon indicators at alpha
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher
    • ICS Launcher by TeamSyndicate - Market Link
    • Quick and easy way to replace your current UI with the look and feel of Ice Cream Sandwich
    • Still in early forms so there are bugs
    • E-mail the developer at with any issues so they can continue to make improvements for everyone