Friday, June 8, 2012

Kindle Fire Metro Edition

On Episode 87 of The Android Realm Podcast, I explained how to get GoLauncher running on your Kindle Fire to make it a "proper" Android tablet without rooting, ROMing or any of the other potentially risky methods of getting Android proper running on your Kindle. This post is an update on how to get Launcher7 running on your Kindle to make it look like Windows Phone 7 or Windows 8 with the Metro interface. First off, I'll give credit to the developer, Timo Kujala, as he developed the app and should be given credit for the good work and updates he gives to this launcher. On that note, I will describe the steps to get Launcher7 running on your Kindle Fire.

  1. Go to Settings > More > Device > Set 'Allow Installation of Applications' to On
  2. Go to to download Launcher 7 from your Kindle's web browser (be sure to include the space in Launcher 7 to find it an download the proper file. (Quick Link if you're reading this post from your Kindle Fire).
  3. Select the file from your Notification Drawer to install.
  4. By hitting the Home Button (from any screen but the Carousel), you will be able to select Launcher7 as the default Launcher.
  5. You will be started with a variety of default icons (Phone and SMS can be removed as the Kindle doesn't have either functionality).
(From here on out, I present certain customization options.)
  1. I removed all the icons and set the ones you see in the screenshots below. To get back to the default Kindle Fire interface, the Launcher icon will take care of that so I made sure to include that as one of my icons.
  2. The weather widget you see in both screenshots is Fancy Widgets and the battery widget in the first screenshot is the battery indicator in Widgetsoid 2.x. The feed reading client in the first screenshot is gReader which nicely syncs with Google Reader for those of you who use Google Reader like me. gReader is availalbe in the Amazon AppStore.
  3. Hitting the menu option will allow to get to the Launcher7 settings where you can adjust the fly/fade speed, set the fly or fade effect as well as various animation options as well as the Windows Phone or Android style app drawer. I had trouble (in the form of force closes) by enabling the extra animations so I have those off. My app drawer is set to Android style mainly because I don't have that many apps where the Windows Phone style would benefit me.
  4. I do not show it here but since the screenshots I included a shortcut to the Search app and installed Dolphin Browser HD as I prefer that as a mobile browser (outside of Chrome). There is nothing wrong with the Amazon Kindle Browser but Dolphin Browser generally performs faster in my experience.

*Note: In this article I linked the downloads to the apps on They do not sponsor me or provide any benefits by linking to their site. Also, I check for apps in the Amazon AppStore first before checking other sites for apps. I currently prefer 1mobile and GetJar as they are currently the two larger sites with the most apps that I look for.