Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Android Realm Podcast Episode 115.5

WatchESPN App released for Kindle Fire line
Google partners with KIA & Hyundai to put Google Maps in cars
Dailymotion updated with HoloUI
Facebook Messenger gets voice calling (1 min. at a time)

ROM Feature Review - Chronus
Part of CyanogenMod 10.1
Extends Clock widget to add weather and calendar
Brings CM9 & 10 weather & calendar widgets to CM 10.1
Available as homescreen & lockscreen widget

Ubuntu Linux for Android
Aimed for high-end smartphones and low-end smartphones
Gesture control versus Buttons/Icons
Controls based on need rather than always on
Voice & text search everywhere
Native & html5/web apps
Personalized art on ‘Welcome’ screen
Realm Updates
StillShots in HDR Gallery gets its own logo (Visit the ‘Extended Realm’ page to check it out)
Simpler Audible Ads
Free 30 day trial
$7.99 bestsellers
Mobile Nations Promotions
Shop Android (left banner)
Bottom Banners
Windows Phone Central
webOS Nation
HTC Depot
Voicemail: (714)451-6574