Friday, January 25, 2013

The Android Realm Podcast Episode 118 Offline Wifi

  1. CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies ‘M’ builds rolling out
  2. Google Images gets updated layout and reduced load time (select metadata not loaded and background page load turned off)
  3. Google working on campus wide WiFi - to spread beyond HQ - buys some 2.5ghz spectrum to test

  1. New browser by developers of Opera - ‘Ice’ - built on webkit
  2. Silent Voice is new P2P encrypted voice chat service
  3. Tasker updated to match HoloUI
  4. GroupMe out of beta and gets updated tablet UI
  5. Google Slides [backend] update now allows offline editing - requires Offline accessibility in Google Drive

  1. Nexus Q starts getting CM10.1 nightlies - code name ‘steelhead’
  2. LG Optimus G Pro - 5” screen, quad core processor, 2gb RAM, Android 4.1, 1080p resolution, 3000 mAh battery

Kindle Fire Pit
  1. [Rumor] Zombieland TV may be coming to Instant Video
  2. Amazon buys Ivona Software (voice recognition software for Kindle Fire)

App Review - SF Launcher
  1. Get Google Now look in the form of a launcher
  2. Currently in Alpha so expect bugs but mostly very functional
  3. Layout
    1. Header
      1. Click on the time launches Alarms (can be changed for various other options including the same options for long press options)
      2. Click on wallpaper to launch Google Now (wallpaper can be changed as well as adjusted to launch other apps including long press options)
    2. Widget
      1. 2 4x2 widgets can be set (switch by swiping left and right)
      2. Swipe left from 1st widget to get to settings
    3. Favorites
      1. Customizable grid of icons
        1. Can currently only set column
        2. Option to rearrange icons coming soon
      2. Set most used apps
      3. Swipe left for launcher settings and right for all apps
    4. Other Options
      1. Press back arrow (if available) from main screen to relaunch launcher if all apps don’t show up in app drawer
      2. Switch between dark and light theme for launcher
      3. Change header wallpaper from San Francisco, London and Generic (this matches Google Now header)
      4. Adjust day/night times
  4. Screenshots
  5. Market Link - Free

Competitor Circle
  1. Blackberry
  2. iOS
    1. ‘Ice’ - new web browser built on webkit
    2. Mac and iPod sales decreased in YE2012 for Apple
    3. Vine twitter video sharing app released
  3. webOS
  4. Windows Phone
    1. Sequel to AudioSurf coming in 2013
    2. iHeartRadio not ready for Windows 8 - don’t bother trying?
    3. Nokia CNN app updated - probably bug fixes and performance updates
    4. Drink up! Untappd coming soon [namely Q1 2013]