Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Android Realm Podcast Episode 119 Updates Across The Board

  1. WindowsAndroid - ICS based Android for your Windows (Vista & 7) based desktop
  2. XBMC 12 ‘Frodo’ final version released - still supports Android
  3. Judge Koh rules Samsung didn’t not willfully infringe on Apple patents
  4. Google Forms updated with more collaboration tools and formatting updates
  5. Google Glass goes to FCC for wireless & bluetooth approval
  6. TWRP v2.4 adds native libtar over busybox, bug fixes, AOSP recovery support, better CM10.1 integration, exFAT support, TouchWiz improvements and more
  7. CM10.1 Clock (formerly known as Chronus) now called cLock

  1. Skype updated to support phone calls on tablets
  2. DroidDia Prime is new chart and organizational app (similar to Microsoft Vizio)
  3. Google Wallet updated with more HoloUI and gets performance enhancements
  4. uTest Applause lets developers better check reach of their apps
  5. Carbon Backup released (Free & Paid) to Play Store
  6. Google+ updated with Community moderation and new notification menu
  7. Google Music updated with improved widget and music shuffling
  8. Angry Birds Star Wars gets ‘Escape from Hoth’ update
  9. Yelp updated to support 3D Google Maps
  10. Pocket Casts v4 in beta to bring HoloUI and cross device syncing
  11. HD Widgets updated to v3.8 to bring Android 4.0+ styles
  12. Tesla Model S app beta released

  1. Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon/Sprint) gets CM10.1 Nightlies
  2. ZTE Blade C - Android 4.1, 4” display, dual core processor @ 1ghz, 512mb RAM, 3mp camera, 4gb storage - approximate cost - $100

Kindle Fire Pit
  1. Cloud Drive Photos updated to support auto upload photos
  2. Amazon releases Elastic Transcoder - makes it easier to share large videos in various places and sizes
  3. Amazon Instant Video gets exclusive streaming for Downtown Abbey

App Review - Temple Run 2
  1. Now with hills, turns, rivers, etc.
  2. Powerups
  3. Different characters
  4. Market Link - Free

Competitor Circle
  1. Blackberry
    1. Blackberry World pricing for apps reduced (Europe only for now)
    2. RIMM renamed Blackberry
    3. Blackberry Z10 - BB10, 4.2” screen, dual core processor @ 1.5ghz, 2gb RAM, NFC, Bluetooth 4
  2. iOS
    1. Currents updated to perform faster and have better breaking news support
    2. YouTube Capture updated to support 1080p videos and gets various bug fixes and performance updates
    3. iOS 6.1 released - supports movie tickets and iTunes Match
    4. Google Drive updated to support multiple file uploads
    5. 500px removed but returned for App Store with mature warning
    6. iPad 128gb announced starting at $799
    7. uTest Applause helps developers better understand the reach of their apps
    8. Pocket gets native Facebook sharing (and delete articles)
  3. webOS
  4. Windows Phone
    1. MetroTalk updated with better Windows Phone support and extended functionality with contact list
    2. AT&T may support Data Sense to better help keep track of data usage
    3. Nokia Music+ for Lumia based phones - subscription based music service
    4. Amazon Kindle v.2 released - gets Windows Phone 8 support and better tile support
    5. Google to continue supporting Exchange ActiveSync until July 31
    6. Business Hub released with extra encryption and other tools for business use
    7. Samsung Beauty, RSS, & Minidiary updated for Windows Phone 8