Friday, February 15, 2013

The Android Realm Podcast Episode 121 The Social Swype

  1. Google+ Hangouts now available in India
  2. Google+ Hangouts gets bandwidth management and audio only mode
  3. Google now uses WebP format in Chrome Web Store over png
  4. Astronauts to have Google+ Hangout from space on Feb 22
  5. Google Drive now allows other developers to embed sharing via Chrome apps
  6. Google Now gets backend update for NCAA
  7. Google+ Events updated to allow downloading all photos
  8. [Rumor] Android 4.2.2 to update quick settings toggles to allow single clicking to enable/disable - much like CM10.1

  1. [App Review] The Simpsons Tapped Out - play style is similar to Farmville, except with The Simpsons theme
  2. Plume updated with smooth scroll, improved widget, many bug fixes, pull to refresh and more
  3. Archos Video Player re-released for free in Play Store

  1. Motorola Solutions to release AME2000 devices - extra security based Android devicess
  2. Fitibit working on releasing Bluetooth 4.0 based Android app for easy and quick syncing

Kindle Fire Pit
  • Deal with CBS reached to add more shows to Amazon Instant Video

App Review - Google Now [Android 4.1+]
  • Updated on 2/13 brings 4x4 homescreen widget - clicking on each widget opens the card
  • New features
    • Fandango movie passes
    • Rotten Tomatoes ratings
    • Zillow real estate listings
    • U.S. College sports
    • Google Doodles as header image
  • Market Link - Free

Quick Tip 1 - Jellybean 4.2 Keyboard - Swype
  • Type without lifting your finger (or thumb)
  • Type faster
  • Learns from your typing history
  • Makes T9 typing more integrated for the touchscreen environment
  • Swype Beta -

Competitor Circle
  1. iOS
    1. iPhone 4S updated to iOS 6.1.1 to fix certain connection issues
    2. Wordpress updated to allow moderating comments and gets push notifications
    3. HBO Go now supports Air Play
    4. A&E now streams shows on the iPhone
    5. Kickstarter app released for iOS
  2. Windows Phone
    1. Spotify released for Windows 8
    2. Bluestacks releases their software for Surface Pro
    3. ESPN Goals updated to support Windows 8
    4. Amazing Weather HD updated with more live tile and lockscreen options