Saturday, March 2, 2013

123 Now With Less Internet

  1. Virgin Media adds YouTube to its tv channel lineup
  2. AOKP Android 4.2.2. ROMs released
  3. Google+ sign-in aims to mimic Facebook sign-ins on the internet
  4. Google Finance backend updated to include Korea, Singapore and Israel to VIX exchange
  5. Google Chrome to get Google+ Photos app for integrated photo sharing
  6. Ubuntu Touch gets more devices into WIP -
  7. Google Chrome v25 allows background audio
  8. Google Search now includes Google Calendar
  9. Google+ Hangouts gets sign language in video
  10. Google Zopfli - new project to compress data for less usage
  11. [Rumor] Google may be testing Linux Kernel 3.8 for ‘Key Lime Pie’

  1. Clockworkmod Superuser released with support for Android 4.2.2 and lots of logging features
  2. Google Settings now directly takes users to Google settings
  3. Samsung’s Wallet app released for Android to rival Apple’s Wallet
  4. Official Photoshop app released - ~$5
  5. Google Play Books available in India and brings tons of bug fixes
  6. Pocket Casts 4 released - has lots of HoloUI, Android 4 integration, and syncing podcasts across devices

  1. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV to be announced March 14
  2. Samsung Epic 4G gets CM10.1 nightlies

Kindle Fire Pit
  1. Amazon mobile - tablet app released in Europe

Competitor Circle
  1. Blackberry
    1. BB10 update improves battery life & photography in low light, better 3rd party app performance
  2. iOS
    1. Amazon says don’t installed Kindle App v3.6.1 as certain bugs haven’t been resolved yet
    2. Apple move to new Cupertino offices (a.k.a. the spaceship) to happen in 2016
    3. YouTube app updated to support sharing to TV and video game consoles
    4. Autodesk Socialcam 5.0 - HDR photography, color adjustments, etc.
  3. webOS
    1. LG buys webOS from HP to implement into smart TVs
  4. Windows Phone
    1. Official Twitter client updated to better fit with Windows Phone 8 layout and UI
    2. Slacker app released for Xbox 360
    3. Tweetro updated for more integration with Windows 8 and uses the Twitters API v1.1
    4. Bing Maps updated with satellite images and ocean topography