Saturday, March 16, 2013

125 Unicorny

  1. Gmail mobile UI updated to match iOS look
  2. Path, Evernote and Gmail in progress for Google Glass
  3. Google Glass to be compatible with prescription glasses
  4. Google gets patent for face unlock in Android
  5. Andy Rubin leaving Android team for other Google projects - Sundar Pichai replaces him
  6. Services being shut down - Google Reader (July 1), Apps Script losing GUI Builder, Google Building Maker (July 1), Google Voice for Blackberry (next week), Search API for Shopping (Sept 13), Snapseed Desktop (March 13)
  7. Google removing ad blocking apps from Google Play
  8. Google launches Think Insights for new marketing endeavors
  9. Digg to work on updated version of Google Reader


  1. CCleaner to release soon for Android
  2. Unicorn Apocalypse released by Samsung (yes the one from the TV commerercial) -
  3. McAfee for Android protects now at kernel level
  4. Google Fiber app available for all Android 4.2.2 devices
  5. Sky Movies released for Android
  6. iRig Recorder released - Free version provides audio optimization add-on (and full exporting), Paid version allows additional add-ons for more audio editing capabilities
  7. Facebook rolling out beta updates via outside updates....seems legit but be careful
  8. Xbmc 13 in process - codename 'Gotham'

Kindle Fire Pit
  1. Kindle Fire HD gets $50 price discount - released in Europe at the same time

Samsung Unpacked 2013 - Samsung Galaxy S IV
  • Photographer in the photo
  • Record sound while taking pictures
  • Scroll and not scroll with eyes
  • Remove language barrier
  • Linked without signal and internet
  • Easily take and share video clips

  • Release Date - End of April
  • Worldwide release

  • Specs
    • 130g
    • 5"
    • Android 4.2.2
    • 8-core processor
    • HD Super AmOLED 441ppi
    • Black Mist & White Frost
    • Polycarbonite case
    • Transluscent notification bar
    • 3G/4G/LTE
    • 100mb Download / 50mb upload
    • Wifi abgn
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Infrared LED
    • 13mp Rear Camera, 2mp Front Camera
    • 2gb DDR3 RAM
    • 16gb storage (upgradable to 64mb)
    • [New] Temperature, Humidity and IR sensors
    • 2600mAP (removable) battery
  • Dual Camera Mode
    • Take pictures with both cameras at the same time
    • Enable/disable with on screen button
    • Works with videos and photos
    • Lots of filters
    • Add audio (before or after taking picture)
    • >100 shots in 4 seconds
    • Eraser - takes multiple photos to remove people from background
  • S Translate
    • 9 languages
    • Text to speech
    • Speech to Text
    • French, German, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Home Sync
  • Smart Switch desktop software
  • Works with gloves
  • NOX
    • Secure mode for corporations and enterprise - based on Android for Governments
    • Independent personal space & corporate spaces
  • GroupMe
    • Pair up to 8 SGS4 to play the same tracks
    • Sync to same speaker system
    • Multiplayer games
  • Phone
    • Dual video calling - use both cameras at the same time during phone calls
  • S Health
    • Calculate calories on the go
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Monitor blood sugar and blood pressure

Competitor Circle
  1. iOS
    1. YouTube Capture updated for iPad
  2. Windows Phone
    1. Intel based Android 4.2.2 devices to allow dual booting with Windows 8
    2. INRIX updated to support Windows 8 live tiles
    3. WhatsApp released for Windows Phone
    4. Official Twitter App for Windows 8 released
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