Saturday, March 23, 2013

126 Really Simple Switch


  1. Google Maps updated with more mountains - i.e. Everest, Kilimanjaro, etc.
  2. Google Flight search released in Europe
  3. Google releases API for Drive for easier connectivity
  4. Google+ Hangouts gets ‘Capture’ to take instant snapshots
  5. Google adding filter to search for Gif’s
  6. Google Fiber expands to Olathe, Kansas
  7. YouTube trending videos now part of Google Trends
  8. Google Play books launched in Mexico


  1. Gmail updated to allow Archive, Reply, and Delete for Jellybean Android users
  2. Jawbone Up Android app released
  3. Google Currents updated to support audio playback
  4. NCAA March Madness app updated to support live streaming all games


  1. HTC One not releasing on Verizon [SGS4 is]
  2. CyanogenMod Samsung developers may not release version for SGS4 due to “closed” system but depends
  3. Samsung Droid Charge gets minor update to firmware and adds face unlock (some Samsung apps get minor updates as well)
  4. Verizon Galaxy Nexus getting Android 4.2.2 update
  5. Droid 4 getting Android 4.1 update

Kindle Fire Pit

  1. Whispercast lets business push groups of apps to Kindle Fires
  2. Send To Kindle available for all publishers and bloggers (on Wordpress)
  3. Amazon Greatests Hits free for a limited time to promote 2nd birthday

App Review 1 - Feedly

  1. All-In-One feed reader
  2. Imports Google Reader feeds
  3. HoloUI
  4. Allows swiping side-to-side
  5. Share to compatible apps
  6. Market Link - Free

App Review 2 - Google Keep

  1. Keep notes, pictures, etc as online journal of information
  2. Backed up to Google Drive (
  3. Makes lists of information (i.e. checklist) which can be categorized by colors
  4. Supports text, audio and pictures
  5. Homescreen widgets available for quick notes
  6. [Android 4.2+] Lockscreen widgets available in 4x2 and 4x1 widgets
  7. Play Store Link - Free (Requires Android 4.0.3+ to use)

Competitor Circle

  1. Blackberry
    1. Amazon Kindle app released as apps reach 100,000
  2. iOS
    1. Grokr updated with March Madness information and more streamlined interface to look more competitive to Google Now
    2. iOS updated to v6.1.3 to fix lockscreen bug (using passcode)
    3. Apple TV updated to v. 5.2.1 to fix bugs and improve Hulu layout
    4. Accuweather gets sleaker interface and more customizable options
    5. Podcasts app updated to v1.2 - allows customer stations and playback improvements
  3. Windows Phone
    1. Skype updated with HD videos support and integration with People Hub
    2. Official Pandora App released