Friday, March 29, 2013

127 The T Stands For The

  • Over 400 Dark Horse comics released to Google Play
  • West Virginia lawmaker wants to ban Google Glass
  • Nokia claims Google forcing VP8 industry compliance
  • Steve Kondik (CM founder) to leave Samsung - praises SGS4, critiques TouchWiz
  • Google+ now allows gif Profile Pictures
  • CyanogenMod now including pie controls (3/25/2013 nightlies and forward)
  • ‘Full Value of Mobile’ by Google shows impact of mobile marketing
  • NYC Subway schedule now a part of Google Maps
  • Google Glass to be made in U.S. - current rumor is in California
  • Google Play Movies released in India and Mexico
  • Google Maps Engine Lite released for less than Pro maps designers
  • Facebook announcing major Android news on April 4
  • Evernote updated with Camera functionality & shortcuts
  • Google+ update allows full photo editing, more scrolling (more information fit to screen), swype through entire photo albums, and more Communities control
  • Google Play Movies & TV updated to allow pausing to find out additional show content information and search across library

  • HTC One X [AT&T] updated to Android 4.1
  • SGS4 coming to T-Mobile May 1st with $99 “down payment”
  • Samsung Epic 4G Touch gets Android 4.1 update
Kindle Fire Pit
  • X-Ray released for all Kindle Fire users
  • Amazon bought Goodreads - aims for better recommendation engine
Quick Tip - Offline Translate in Google Translate
  • Available for Android 2.3 and above
  • Install app - Market Link - Free
  • Hit Menu, and select ‘Offline Languages’ - select pins for languages desired for offline use
  • *Recommended to download languages over WiFi as packages may be rather large
Competitor Circle
  • Blackberry
    • Mike Lazaridis leaves Blackberry
  • iOS
    • overhauled for iOS and gets updated UI
    • iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile April 12
  • Windows Phone
    • Podcast Lounge updated for better Windows Phone 8 integration
    • Temple Run released for free for Windows Phone 8
    • Words With Friends updated to v1.2 - slightly improved but still slow for possibly many