Saturday, April 6, 2013

128 I Heard You Like Facebook

  • Twilio to be first company using Google’s cloud and app engine for phone and messaging functions
  • Quickoffice now free to Android (and iPhone users)
  • Google engineers working on robocalling list
  • 3DMark released
  • Pandora updated with faster load time and Jellybean lockscreen controls
  • Twitter updated with HoloUI
  • Google+ update brings true full size images (no longer capped at 2048 pixels)
  • updated with HoloUI
  • Google Search updated with faster search time and improved tracking
  • Facebook Home coming April 12 - launcher and app/service replacement with Facebook services
  • HTC One released on AT&T April 19 for $199
  • Samsung Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star released - mid to low end smartphones (like Galaxy S)
  • LG Optimus G [AT&T] gets Android 4.1.2
  • HTC First - Facebook Home, Android 4.1, LTE, $99 on AT&T
  • HTC One Developer Phone - Qualcomm processor, 2gb RAM, 64gb storage, unlocked bootloader & SIM, sesors have open API, 2 microphones, many mobile frequencies (HSPA, LTE, GSM, and more)
Kindle Fire Pit
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9” coming to AT&T April 5

Quick Tip - iheartradio Alarm
  • Create alarm based on any station
  • Don’t have to keep the app open (test on your device to be sure)
Facebook - ‘Come See Our New Home on Android’
  • Facebook launcher for all of Facebook services
  • Updated Messaging app
  • Phone calls integrated
  • Contact information pulled from Facebook
  • Works on any device using app layer - acts like any other Android launcher