Friday, April 19, 2013

130 Just Like Rotten Tomatoes

  • Google Glass Explorer edition ready to ship to developers
  • Google Mobile updated with more mobile options (i.e. extra Rotten Tomatoes options, Wikipedia articles, etc.)
  • Google Fiber gets HBO (includes regional channels) for $20 and Cinemax coming soon for $10
  • Google now recommends developers to use tags in Play Store apps to differentiate between tablets and smartphones
  • AOKP ROM Jellybean Milestone 1 released - “nightly” builds coming every 4 days
  • Google Fiber also coming to Provo, Utah by way of pending iProvo buyout
  • Google Glass API released in Python and Java for app development
  • Google+ Hangouts now mutes mic while typing
  • Google+ comments can now be tied to Blogger (including specific pages)
  • MyGlass app for Google Glass released
  • Astrid To-Do app now free (previously $3.99)
  • updated to get a more HoloUI look
  • Orange Libon VOIP app released
  • AVG Tuneup released for “easy” device management
  • Facebook Home released 4/16 for internationally supported devices with other updates coming early May
  • Wordpress updated with HoloUI, better offline management and notifications coming soon
  • LinkedIn updated with more HolUI and improved news feed
  • Yahoo! Mail updated for tablets
  • Google One Today provides charities for easy donations
  • Google Glass Explorer shipped to developers - has 16gb storage, 5mp camera, 720p video
  • LG Escape gets Android 4.1 update
App Review - Cinemagram
  • Take 4 second videos to share to Facebook and/or Twitter
  • Similar to Vine on iOS
  • Google Play Store - Free
Competitor Circle
  • iOS
    • YouTube updated to support live broadcasts
    • Facebook 6.0 bringing Chat Heads 
    • Yahoo! Mail updated for improved iPad layout
    • Yahoo! Weather updated to include Flikr photos from current city
    • Twitter launcher music service (iOS only)
  • Windows Phone
    • Bing News update now allows custom RSS feeds
    • Bing Maps updated with localized search results
    • Official NBC App released
    • LinkedIn now supports larger tiles
    • GoComics launched official app