Saturday, April 13, 2013

129 Windows Pwnd 8

  • Google to buy Whatsapp for $1billion
  • Google Fiber coming to Austin, TX starting mid-2014
  • CM10.1 M3 builds rolling out
  • ES File Explorer v3 Beta released
  • Tumblr updated with new layout..slightly closer to HoloUI
  • Various Disney games (like Wreck-It Ralph and Temple Run: Brave) now free
  • Google Play Store v. 4 released with more card like interface
  • Google Play Music released in Australia
  • Cinemagram is Vine for Android users
  • Microsoft Office 2014 to possibly release in 2014
  • Rosetta Course released for Android
  • Xbox SmartGlass updated for tablets
  • Facebook updated with bug fixes and permissions for Facebook Home
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8” (1.4ghz and 8gb storage) and 6.3” (1.7ghz and 8gb or 16gb of storage) - both come with ext. sdcard slot and IR blaster
App Review - Facebook Messenger / Chat Heads
  • Popup window for chat rather than the full messenger app
  • Messenger still available by clicking ‘Messaging icon’
  • Click bubble to expand/collapse
  • Google Play Link - Free
Competitor Circle
  • Blackberry
    • Viber updated for Blackberry (prior to v.10) for voice calls
  • iOS
    • Chrome updated with fullscreen support
    • Panic’s Status Board is iPad “widget” for calendar events, social updates, etc.
  • Windows Phone
    • Wikipedia updated for Windows Phone 8
    • Scroogled campaign launched against Google Wallet (turns out to be false claims against Google Wallet)
    • Audiocloud updated with bug fixes, performance updates and support for live tiles

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