Saturday, May 18, 2013

134 Google Eye Oh 2013

  • Google SMS Search retired
  • Google recommendation engine launched for mobile - powered by Google+
  • Google unifies storage for Gmail, Drive & Photos at 15gb of free storage
  • Google Play Store updated to allow developers to directly respond to comments
  • Google Fiber coming to Gladstone, MO
  • Google Go (their programming language) updated to v 1.1 - lots of speed improvements across the board
  • Google Glass Developer Kit will allow offline mode for apps and direct access to device hardware
  • Airbnb updated with easier contact and calendar management - brings updates to UI as well
  • Blackberry Messenger to release Summer 2013
  • Firefox updated with improved UI, more fonts and better html5 support
  • Pinterest updated with social features (i.e. share posts, mentions)
  • Cydia Substrate released for Android
  • Original Sonic the Hedgehog released by Sega
  • Project SHIELD by NVIDIA available for pre-order for $349
  • HP Slatebook x2 - Android 4.2.2, 64gb storage, 10” screen, detachable keyboard, ~$480
  • Google Glass gets more apps - Facebook, Twitter, CNN, Tumblr, Evernote, Elle
Kindle Fire Pit
Game Review - Paper Toss 2
  • New levels
  • Achievements & points system
  • Similar graphics
  • Get different items to toss (paper, tomato, can, etc.)
  • Google Play - Free
Google I/O 2013
  • Locations APIs
    • Geofencing per app
    • Activity Recognition - stops using GPS and switches to other sensors (i.e. accelerometer) for location and movement
    • Fusion Location Provider - reduces GPS battery usage to less than 1%/hr when determining user’s location
  • Google Cloud Messaging
    • Persistent connections for faster push notifications
    • Upstream messaging for sending messages to servers
    • Synced notifications - notifications cleared across all devices
  • Google+ API for sign-in and directly downloading app
  • App translation tool added to developer console for instant translation
  • Google Android Studio - updated app development
  • Google Play Games Center
    • Leaderboards
    • Cloud backup
    • Achievements
  • Google Play Music All Access - streaming music service - paid subscription at $9.99/month and 30-day free trial
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 unlocked on Google Play - $649 with stock Android 4.2 - AT&T and T-Mobile to start - available June 26
  • Google Play updated with better view for tablet only apps
  • Google 1-Click checkout
  • Google Play for Education - special app store curated for children - requires Google account and Android tablet
  • Hangouts to be multi-platform chat tool - Android, iOS and Chrome - via update to Google Talk
  • Google+ updated with more animations (i.e. card flip when clicking on hashtag), more card layout, and 3 column view
  • Google Photos - automatically create panorama, HDR photos and GIFs
  • Google ‘Conversational Search’ uses always on mic to search just by saying “Ok, Google”
  • Knowledge graph updated to use prior search to predict and use other services to get answers
  • Google Now updated with voice reminders, more transit times, upcoming media releases (i.e. books, movies, tv shows, etc.)
  • Send money using Google Wallet via Gmail
  • Gmail getting quick action buttons for flights, events, etc.
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