Friday, May 24, 2013

135 It's Framed Not Forked

  • Dirty Unicorn ROM adds features from all ROMs (i.e. CM & AOKP) and built from AOSP
  • Apple now suing Samsung over SGS4 for features and Google Now against Siri
  • Google+ updated with more photo enhancement features and Snapseed integration
  • Flikr updated to match features of iOS version (now accounts get 1TB of storage space)
  • ParkMe official Android app launched
  • DISH Anywhere updated with OnDemand content and tablet support
  • Opera Browser (webkit version) out of beta
  • Google Drive updated with cards layout, scan to PDF with OCR, enhanced editing for Google Sheets (i.e. cell formatting, colors, etc.)
  • Google Play Magazines get UI update to match Books and Music
  • Chrome updated with full screen browsing and improved search
  • Samsung Galaxy S III 4.2.2 update leaked
App Review - Minecraft Pocket Edition
ROM Feature - Pie Controls
  • A quick access feature as part of CM based roms
  • Enabled by developer choice
  • Tested on SlimBean ROM -
  • Set shortcuts to various button commands and/or apps
  • Set swype location (i.e. Top, Bottom, Left, Right)
  • Set button colors and transparency
Competitor Circle - Xbox
  • Xbox One
    • 8-Core processor
    • 8gb RAM
    • 500gb HDD
    • USB 3.0
    • WiFi Direct
    • Forked version of Windows 8 to run on Xbox
    • Skype Integrated
    • Blu-Ray Player
    • Not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 or Xbox Live
    • Always-On Connection not required
  • Kinect 2.0
    • Voice activated
    • 30 FPS camera
    • Updated hardware
Special News
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