Friday, May 31, 2013

136 Organized And Stuff

  • YouTube now lets users slow down video after upload
  • Gmail getting tabbed categories for easier e-mail management (App update rolling out over coming weeks)
  • Google Street View gets Central Park and 9/11 Memorial
  • CyanogenMod 10.1 RC released - fixes camcorder preview, misaligned tablet icons, disappearing widgets, and fixes some bugs

  • Doubletwist updating app to follow HoloUI
  • Google Admin launched - manage various Google Apps tools on the go
  • Google Calendar gets color editing for priority and slightly updated UI
  • Google Play updated to fix battery drain issue
  • Google Play Music updated to allow deleting tracks and removing entries from All Access
  • World War Z released - $4.99
  • Motorola X phone announced - to be made in Texas
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - 4.3” screen, 1.7ghz dual-core processor, 8gb storage, 1.5gb RAM
  • HTC One (AT&T) update fixes HD Media Link issues
  • HTC One to release with stock Android June 26 (same as SGS4)
Kindle Fire Pit
  • Amazon releasing ‘Login With Amazon’ - competes directly with Google and Facebook login services
  • ABC live TV released - only works in NY and Philadelphia [Android version still in works - to start on Samsung devices first]
Quick Tip - Gmail Tabs
  • A new organization setup by Google for quicker access to different e-mail types
  • Extension of ‘Primary’ Inbox
  • Current Tabs - Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, Forums
  • Drag e-mails between tabs
  • Right click on e-mails, go to ‘Move to Tab’ and select Tab
App Review - Imgur
  • Upload images
  • Browse and comment on images
  • Album management
  • Supports Google, Facebook & Twitter sign-in
  • Play Store - Free
Competitor Circle - iOS
  • Blockbuster app updated to v. 2.0 - no streaming available yet
  • Google+ App updated with more photo editing features and more animations
  • iPod Touch updated with Retina display - currently only 16gb model available
  • Google Play Music All Access coming in about a month
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic released for the iPad
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