Friday, June 14, 2013

138 Zune Themed, Jellybean Powered

  • HALO by ParanoidAndroid open sourced for implementation into any ROM
  • Google confirms purchase of Waze
  • CyanogenMod working on Incognito mode on per app basis
  • Google to retire Chrome Frame for Internet Explorer 6 & 7 due to usage decline
  • Street View gets over 1000 new locations worldwide
  • BBC Weather released - sleek interface with some HoloUI
  • Verizon FiOS app released - has 75 on-demand TV shows available for streaming
  • Blogger for Android updated with tablet support, HoloUI look,  improved editor and bug fixes
  • Google Cloud Print lets you print from anywhere
  • Google Gesture Search updated with 40 more languages
  • MySpace app to release for Android as part of official rebranding strategy
  • Google+ updated to get improved notifications with desktop - bell icon for unviewed notifications
  • Google Play Music updated to use less data and download tracks faster
  • Yahoo! Sports gets UI overhaul
  • CPU-Z released for Android
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (3G 1ghz dual core & LTE 1.2ghz dual core models) - 4” screen, Android 4.2, 5mp camera with flash, 8gb storage (LTE) - 5gb usable), 4gb storage - 1.77 usable (3G), expandable 64gb storage
  • Archos Titanium 97b released in the UK for £199 - 9.7”, 1.6ghz dual core processor, 1gb RAM, 8gb storage, Android 4.1
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - 16mp camera, 10x optical zoom, 4.3” screen, 1.5ghz dual-core processor, Android 4.2, LTE
Competitor Circle
  • iOS
    • Anki Drive - AI app in development
    • Mac OSX to be based on California themes (1st version is Mavericks) - brings tabbed window support, full screen finder, streamlined Calendar (with no stitching), iBooks, more integrated notification center with mobile integration, send Maps from browser to iPhone
    • iCloud to get iWork document editing
    • Mac Pros to be made entirely in the USA
    • iOS 7 - flatter icons (more pastel like), Helvetica Neue Ultra font, Command Center - swype from bottom of screen - quick access settings, updated Camera app - swype between Camera, Gallery and Video, Siri updated with male & female voices and more voice commands
    • iTunes Radio - competes and functions like any other streaming radio service
    • MySpace to release iOS app
    • Microsoft Office 365 released for iOS
    • Yahoo! Sports get UI overhaul
  • Windows Phone
    • Microsoft to replace Microsoft Points program with real money for purchases
    • Official Mapquest App released for Windows Phone 8
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