Monday, August 12, 2013

App Review - Klyph for Facebook

Are you dissatisfied with the Facebook experience for Android? I know that I am. I am always on the lookout for any new experience that uses the latest Facebook app (official or not) that flows with the Android 4.0+ design guidelines and is light on the resources (or as much as possible). I recently heard about an app called Klyph which may just be that app. It mimics the look and feel of Google+ but with many of the features of Facebook. I say many as not all features are integrated yet and there are still minor bugs to work out (like for me, I can't always reply to a post). For the most part though, it does perform on par with its couterparts in the Google Play store like Friendcaster and Fast for Facebook. Klyph comes with all sorts of features as well like various notification toggles, 4 themes (blue if you're on Android 4.0+ and green if you're on any version prior). The app is currently compatible with Android 2.2+.



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