Thursday, August 22, 2013

App Review - Lose It!

Are you into fitness and/or healthy eating but don't have an easy way to keep a log? Do you have a smartphone or tablet and want to use it for this purpose instead of having to also carry around a physical log? Check out the app and web service called 'Lose It!' This service lets you keep a log of everything you eat with calories, nutritional information and how much you eat for a generally accurate count of calorie intake as well as how much you can take in based on your age, weight and overall progress once you start using the app. Including your workout information adds to the calculation by subtracting the approximate number of calories burned to help see if you will be going over or under your daily calorie goal. The Android app helps keep track on the go and syncs with the website for viewing on either platform. A basic account is free but a premium account provides additional tracking goals and meal assistance if desired.

In addition, let's say there is a workout or food/drink that is not in the app, users can manually add a new entry, adjust the icon and include calories being consumed or burned. This information is mandatory with additional information like carbs being optional.

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