Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Quick Tip - CyanogenMod Mini Quick Toggles [ROM Feature]

Since CyanogenMod 7, the popular Android ROM has come with Notification toggles for quick access to system functions like WiFi, Mobile Data, Airplane Mode, and more. Since Android 4.2, the Notification Drawer came with Quick Toggles built into Android, therefore making the Notification Toggles a duplicate feature. Starting with nightly builds on 8/27, users of this ROM will no longer see the option to enable Notification Toggles. Instead, users will see the options (as seen in the screenshots below) to enable the mini QuickToggles.

They can either mimic the regular QuickToggles or users can a specific set for "quicker" QuickToggles and leave lesser used toggles on the flip side. While this is reminiscent of the toggles found on the custom device skins, these toggles in CyanogenMod 10.2 are an extension of the Android code base so the toggles fit into the stock Android UI. As far as functionality, the buttons work just like QuickToggles so the learning curve is a a minimum. The number of toggles that fit on your screen is based on your device's screen size. My Samsung Captivate holds the 5 buttons as seen in the screenshot with sliding (left and right) available should I add more toggles. The settings for QuickToggles in the Notification Drawer also allow for customizing the drawer close behavior based on the notification clear button.

Mini QuickToggles in Notification Drawer
Mini QuickToggles Settings for Notification Drawer
Notification Drawer Auto Close Settings
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