Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Game Review] Jurassic Park Builder

Have you ever wanted to build your own Jurassic Park? Or have you wanted to relive the movies in your own time? Jurassic Park Builder takes the Farmville approach to building your own dinosaur theme park. The graphics are very smooth and incorporates the characters from the movies. Progress in the game is measured by feeding the dinosaurs, expanding the park, planting plants and conducting research. By placing plants and dinosaurs, and expanding the park, players get XP which levels up the player to provide more park features like additional plants and buildings. Upgrading the meat and plant buildings allows for more of each per period. As dinosaurs and food buildings are upgraded, items cost more food to feed and more money to activate getting food so it requires some management. On the flip side, upgrading dinosaurs allows for more money so that helps in managing cash flow. Placing plants near dinosaurs allows for percentage additions to how much money the player gets from dinosaurs, restaurants and guard towers so arranging plants is key. Plants can boost multiple buildings and dinosaurs at once so this can help in planning the player's park layout.

Boot Screen
Loading Animation
Park View
New Job
Mission Complete
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