Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Morning With Google+ - October 29, 2013 (Recap)

Miss today's announcement for all the new features coming to Google+? Here is the breakdown of what to expect, among things like SMS in Hangouts, full resolution photo uploads, and more!
  1. Google+
    1. 18 new features
    2. 300 million active users
  2. Hangouts
    1. Location tag from Google Maps in Hangouts
    2. SMS integration into Hangouts
    3. Plan Hangout with dedicated landing page to promote event
    4. Full screen HD calling
    5. Auto enhance live video
    6. Video filters (i.e. Black & White, color enhance, focus, etc.)
  3. Photography & Storytelling
    1. Full resolution photo upload
    2. Coming soon to Google+ for iOS - full size photo upload and background sync
    3. Backgroung "embedded" word search for photos - no need to tag or add a description
    4. Pictures shared to circles & have access will come up in search results
    5. Invest in photos - Auto-enhance (instant), Minutes (Snapseed)
    6. HDR Scape in Snapseed - HDR with pixel edget algorithm instead of pixel brightness (at a single button press)
    7. Analog Efex Pro - classic camera look, films, lenses, etc.
    8. Auto Action shots (ghosting for parts where focus of shot blocks themself)
    9. Auto Awesome Eraser - clean up public photos by removing aspects not desired
    10. Auto Awesome Movies - clean up videos, add appropriate music, combine videos get notification when complete on Android device, auto apply filters by swyping, swype video elements up and away to remove, trim individual video elements, adjust entire video length