Thursday, October 3, 2013

[App Review] Themer by MyColorScreen

Have you ever wanted to theme or customize your device with fancy changes but found them too hard? Do you find UCCW intriguing but too intense? Do you find custom launchers a good replacement but they don't go far enough? Themer by MyColorScreen aims to bridge that gap by allowing a simple browse and apply approach to theming your Android device. Themes are sorted by popular, staff picks and newest with themes being added all the time. Users can keep shortcuts and widgets as is but allow for changes in a variety of ways.

Setting and Customizing Themes
The only downside at the moment is how adjustments can be made that don't cause too big of an issue. This is where Themer shines. If the user makes a change that is not welcome or removes too much accidentally, simply re-applying the theme will "reset" the theme to the original settings so the user can start over. While I doubt anybody wants to have to redo an entire theme, being able to easily reset the theme is a welcome feature rather than having to do anything complex like clearing cache or defaults or anything along those lines.

Browsing through the advanced settings menu provides access to desktop settings, folder style, etc. The desktop menu is the most feature rich area as it allows locking icons and widgets, adjusting grid size, and auto-hiding the notification bar. The Themer Settings area provides two important customization options. In the process of customizing your theme, if the user sets an app as default but wants to change it, then App Preferences has a reset button which will let the user change the default app for the icon. Shortcuts like the Music App chooser are separate as that brings up any app that can play audio.

As of this review, Themer is in Beta so using the app requires a code which users can get from their website ( The app will let you know how far in line you are from getting the code as the developers are doing a slow rollout to ensure server stability.

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