Thursday, October 17, 2013

[Quick Tip] Android Reverse Tether

Have you ever been in an area with limited, spotty or no connectivity? Do you have access to a wired but no wireless internet connection? Then Android Reverse Tether is the tool for you.

After downloading the tool and extracting the folder, following a few simple steps will get users internet access on their device.

  • Download Android Reverse Tether and extract folder
  • Enable USB Debugging on Android device
  • Plug device into computer to install drivers (default Google drivers should work but some devices may need device specific drivers. Do a Google search for your device and drivers to find if they are available)
  • Unplug device once drivers are installed and launch Android Device Tether
  • Plug in device and click Refresh in Android Device Tether to have it detect your device, then click Connect
  • Android Device Tether will set itself up (If it stops at waiting for 25 seconds or more you'll need to launch USB tunnel on your device to accept Superuser permissions) and the progress window will disappear to the screenshot window when done
    • If you can't use the internet Superuser may not be complete
    • Your device may need to be rebooted to "complete" the first time setup
    • Turn off Superuser notifications for USB tunnel as it will keep popping up during usage
Note: Once USB Tunnel is setup after the initial setup, Android Reverse Tether should detect it automatically and launch it when you hit 'Connect.'