Friday, November 22, 2013

160 Reading And Buying Stuff

A gift card for your wallet, Google Play for tablets, and more!

  • Google Shopping Express same day delivery now available in San Francisco with Costco
  • Google finishes adding 2048-bit security
  • Google Cultural Experience adds Gettysburg Address speech on eve of Lincoln’s 150th bday
  • Google Ventures gets new website (, updated UI, and easier content search
  • Use Google Wallet card to use cash immediately without having to have the cash deposited into your bank account - cards can be ordered through the Google Wallet app
  • Project Link by Google is a project to bring fiber internet to developing regions - connects these areas to undersea pipes that already connect continents
  • Google Search for Windows Phone update brings better voice search commands
  • Dropbox updated with easier file sharing via email (in-app e-mail composing rather than launching e-mail app), and scan credit card to auto-update to Pro account
  • Amazon AppStore update with refreshed UI and performance improvements to match latest Kindle Fire OS UI
  • Google Translate updated to support Hebrew, Javanese, and Esperanto; with faster translations, and updated look
  • HBO Go updated to support Chromecast
  • Google Play gets special listings for apps that are ‘Designed for Tablets’
  • Apex Launcher Beta brings support and look of KitKat
  • Minecraft PE opens up beta group
  • Kindle Fire OS (v3.1) updated with more integration with Goodreads integration, and a better second screen experience
  • [Verizon] Droid Razr M, Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD; [AT&T] Atrix HD, [US Cellular] Electrify M scheduled to update to Android 4.4
  • ZTE Z5S/Z5S Mini - Android 4.2.2, 5mp front camera, 13mp rear camera, 2.3/1.7 ghz processors, 2300/200 mAh battery
App Review - Google Play Newsstand
  • Get magazine, blog, and RSS articles all in one app
  • Adds Currents into subscriptions automatically
  • Add news stories by category (i.e. sports, entertainment, etc.)
  • Purchases for magazine subscriptions through Google Play Store
  • The Android Realm App Review
  • Google Play - $Free