Wednesday, November 27, 2013

161 Automation and Updates

Automating Android, KitKat all over the place, and more!

  • CyanogenMod 10.2 RC1 rolling out
  • Paranoid Android to get KitKat immersive mode built in - currently in internal testing
  • Google+ for iOS 7 gets update for full size photo upload
  • AllCast Beta 7 now allows sharing videos to Roku, Apple TV and Xbox (One and 360) and any DNLA compatible deivces
  • Xposed Framework updated to support Android 4.4
  • KK Launcher brings Android 4.4 launcher to Android 4.0+ devices
  • Samsung ChatOn updated to integrate SMS messaging
  • DoubleTwist updated to support Androidr 4.4 and fit KitKat’s design guidelines
  • YouTube updated to improved search results for channels and fix bugs
  • Moto X [AT&T] gets Android 4.4 update
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One [Google Play Editions] get Android 4.4 update
  • OmniROM for Android 4.4 rolling out for select devices - Oppo Find 5, Nexus 7 Wi-Fi 2013, Nexus 7 Wi-Fi 2012, Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T), Samsung Galaxy SIIG, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE (AT&T), Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE (T-Mobile US), Nexus 7 3G 2012
App Review - Condi (formerly Mini Tasker)
  • Automate commonly based tasks based on criteria like location, time, etc.
  • i.e. Turn on WiFI when arriving at work/home, turn sound off when arriving at work, turn on volume while driving, launch media player when headphones are plugged in
  • The Android Realm App Review
  • Google Play - $Free