Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[App Review] Condi (Formerly Mini Tasker)

Do you wish you could automate tasks based on your location or time of day? Want to have your phone automatically switch to silent mode while at work or around the time you go to sleep everyday? Condi is an app that can automate these tasks and more for you based on your own criteria.

Condi does for Android what macros do in Excel. Rather than remembering to silence your phone at work or when you go to sleep, disabling WiFi when driving, or launching your media app when plugging in your headphones, Condi will handle these actions and more based on preset criteria. The UI is very direct in that all conditions are listed in order of creation. Long pressing actions will allow editing features like adding or removing conditions and criteria.

Setting multiple criteria and conditions are the shining feature. For example, if you are like me and have a limited data plan, I keep my data connection off unless I need it. Also, I prefer to keep WiFi off when I'm driving so reduce battery usage (limited as that may be). Thirdly, I keep my phone on silent at work but turn on the volume when driving. With Condi, I can have it turn WiFi on and sound off when I get to work and turn WiFI off and sound on when I leave work based on location. On the flip side, I turn WiFi on and set my phone to vibrate when I'm at home and turn WiFi off and turn sound on when I leave home. Since the time I wake up at home is different over the weekend versus the work week, I add time criteria for when to turn on vibrate mode over the weekend and when silent mode should be enabled.

On additional features include the ability to enable/disable conditions to test how they work versus other conditions or if they are not needed. Statistics reporting are disabled by default but can be enabled if you don't mind sharing how you use the app. Data (i.e. location, personal info) are not collected or shared as that is not part of the kind of data that the dev seems to need.