Tuesday, November 12, 2013

[App Review] CyanogenMod Installer

Do you have an older device that is still working well? Tired of the bloatware on your Android device and want a simple AOSP alternative. Is your battery life, GPS or any other feature not working as well as could be expected? This is where the Android development community comes into play. CyanogenMod is one of the more larger and popular Android ROMs that helps deliver the AOSP (basically a Nexus grade experience) to other devices.

They released the initial release of their Android app along with a Windows installer (currently Windows Vista and higher with Mac and Linux versions coming soon). This aims to allow a seamless installation process to allow users to get CyanogenMod and revitalize their Android device and experience. Installation is as simple as installing the app, enabling developer mode, running the software and following on-screen instructions. Currently, only a few newer devices are supported using this method. Visiting the download site will let you know if your device may get support for this method. If your device is supported, the installer should download the latest version of the ROM for your device, have your device reboot, get rooted, and install the ROM. If your device is not supported, you'll get a message in the Windows installer that your device is not supported. If your device is supported, check the FAQ for possible issues like USB cable, anti-virus issues, etc. if the installation does not work.

Android App

Windows Installer