Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[App Review] Google Play Newsstand

Google Play Newsstand received an important update to version 3.0 this week to aggregate magazine subscriptions, news, and Currents all in one place. With this update, breaking news, new articles, and offline reading make it even easier to get to the content you follow and get new articles all in one place.

To start, Google Currents subscriptions will automatically import into Newsstand so that this content is immediately available. Content can be added by specific feeds (i.e. blogs, websites, specific news sources, etc.) or by category for more broad content. The app iteself follows the HoloUI guidelines so there should only be a minimal learning curve if you're already familiar with this layout (i.e. Google+, Google Play, etc.). Articles can also be bookmarked for reading later as well as having articles automatically sync for offline reading later. A toggle is included to sync only over WiFi if you are on a limited data plan or are in areas with spotty connections.