Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[App Review] Action Launcher

Do you like the look of HoloUI in your apps but want it for your entire homescreen? Like the idea of Blackberry's quick launch bar? Then Action Launcher is the launcher for you.

The homescreen looks similar to your standard home screen (i.e. stock Android, Nova Launcher, etc.) but with the function of HoloUI. The app drawer "grid icon" is now at the top left of your screen to open a list of your apps and widgets in alphabetical order. The settings menu will let you choose between standard, mini or hidden tabs (in case you don't want the widgets menu). A link to the Play Store is readily available along with a quick search bar for easy access. The free version allows the bar behind the app drawer/Play Store/Quick Search links to be clear, translucent, show only the search bar or be hidden.

Swyping on your homescreen from right to left brings up a quick launch screen. There is the Google Search bar for Google Now/Search launching as well as apps you may want for quick access or overflow that you don't want on your homescreen.

The biggest feature that I enjoy so far is the ability to launch each app's widget from the app shortcut. Users can have it launch via swyping down, double tapping on the icon or either one. This swype launches the widget action(s) available for the app to perform those actions. For example, swyping down on the Google+ will launch the circle selected for the widget (i.e. What's Hot, etc.) or swyping down on the Google Drive icon lets you see your starred documents, take a photo or create a new document.

Swype down action for Google Drive
App/Widget Drawer (Swype left to right)
QuickDrawer (Swype right to left)