Thursday, December 12, 2013

[App Review] Cover (beta)

Do you wish your lockscreen gave you the apps you needed based on your location? Want your phone to know when you're at home or work versus driving? Cover aims to do that. After installation and a brief tutorial, the lockscreen begins learning which apps are used most often based on location to make them available at the right time.

A home and work address can be set with the option to set applicable WiFi networks to also set volume modes based on these locations. The lockscreen image can be customized or left alone to change automatically based on whether the app detects if the user is at home (and it is day or night), at work, driving or somewhere else (aka outdoors).

The app is compatible with secure lockscreens so your pin/patter lock, face detect should remain intact. The lockscreen also has the ability to manually set which profile the user wants in case it didn't automatically change or the location requires it. The app syncs with your e-mail address so if you change devices or have multiple devices, then the settings move to each device.