Wednesday, December 11, 2013

[Game Review] Angry Birds Go!

Love go karts? Want another Angry Birds style game? Then Angry Birds Go! may be the game for you. Angry Birds Go! is along the lines of Super Mario Kart but in the Angry Birds universe.

Before starting the first practice race, the player is give the choice of which controls style they want. The choices via tilting the device or on screen controls. While this may be a personal preference, I found the on screen controls a bit more responsive than tilting the device.

After selecting the control type, the training levels introduces two game features. The first is the "turbo boost" feature which is a temporary speed increase. The second is how to launch  your kart to start the race. This is done in Angry Birds "classic" fashion by flinging the bird in kart from a slingshot. The game then has the familiar Mario Kart play style. The first race is a basic race against a group of basic green pigs. This level includes coins, the initial turbo boost as well as red arrows for in-race boosts.

As the game progresses, the player is give the option to upgrade their kart from a basic soap box racer to a kart with more bells and whistles via point upgrades. Go Karts also have limited life in that as they take on damage, the kart can be destroyed. If this happens, the kart resets to the center of the track and then the player continues.

The game is very fluid with the all new transition videos like any of the other Angry Birds games. The game also allows for logging in to Facebook or Twitter for standings and sharing progress.

Intro Screen

First Practice Race