Friday, January 31, 2014

168 Bleep Bloop Glasses

Google gets goggled, HTC broke off a piece of their KitKat, and more!

  • Google server outage due to bad code being pushed - self resolved but steps being taken to ensure it doesn’t happen or resolves faster
  • Samsung & Google sign 10-year patent agreement
  • Google buys AI company DeepMind for $400m
  • Build with Chrome is web based lego building tool using WebGL
  • Google to release Chrome Apps to iOS and Android app stores using Apache Cordova
  • Motorola Mobility sold to Lenovo for $2.91b
  • Stock quotes in Google Search results remove links to other sites (i.e. Yahoo! Finance)
  • Developers can now charge for html5 apps in Amazon AppStore (and apply for free app fo the day)
  • TegraZone v2.9 now available for all Android users
  • Snapchat saving app removed from Google Play (by Google)
  • Special Gingerbread (v2.3.3) version of BBM to release by Blackberry
  • Android Device Manager updated to need password at app launch or switch accounts
  • Google Wallet to get update for scanning in loyalty program cards via smartphone camera and show smart notifications when near participating vendors
  • Cover updated to support audio controls in Android 4.4 KitKat based devices
  • Canadian HTC One starts getting KitKat certification (Europe version started rolling out, US left out for now)
  • Dash confirms Android based car hardware
  • Google Glass prescription glasses now available (in titanium)
  • Wyse Cloud Connect by Dell plugs into HDMI or MHL port to provide Android Jellybean desktop - microUSB slot allows up to 32gb extra storage @ up to 1080p - connect with Bluetooth or Mini USB keyboard & mouse
Episode Review - The Simpson s25ep11 Specs and the City
  • U.S. Air Date - 01/26/2014
  • Synopsis - Homer finds out Marge is secretly seeing a marriage counselor.
  • Insight
    • Who needs contact info when I can get your medical info instead
    • Turning Springfield into Sheldon, one event at a time
    • I don’t always write poetic but when I do, its sarcastically to make a point.
    • Who needs Gamer when Oogle Google rolls right off the tongue?
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