Wednesday, January 8, 2014

[App Review] Jelly

Want a more social way of answering questions? Need a question answered but want to include visual cues? Jelly is the new app for you!

With the initial launch of the app, the user is asked to select the social network to use as the backbone to ask questions and answer other people's questions. While a social network (Facebook or Twitter) are needed to login, the developers nicely let the user know that nothing will be posted automatically from the app.

To ask a question, the user taps the camera button, then takes a picture or select a picture from the gallery. Then the question is asked and the user waits for an answer.

Upon launching the app, users are presented with cards to answer questions. If the user has an answer, it is as simple as clicking 'Answer' to provide an answer. If the user wants to get rid of it, swyping down removes the question.