Thursday, March 6, 2014

[App Review] QuizUp

Love trivia? Want to challenge your friends (or get challenged by them)? Love taking quizzes? Then QuizUp is the trivia game for you!
Using Facebook, Google+ or E-Mail login, players can challenge other players to trivia questions in a variety of categories. The idea is to get as many questions right against your opponent to win the game of several questions. Bonus points are awarded to the winner.

By using Google Play Games, players can score rise on the leaderboard to see how well they are doing compared to their friends. Achievements can also be unlocked for various items like 'Atlas' and 'Couch Potato.'

The app generally follows the HoloUI look and feel yet retains a very colorful and exiting look. The app feels lite on resource usage as well, even with sliding animations for transitions.