Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Widget Review] A Better Camera Widget

Since I've been using A Better Camera  for all of my camera needs (except for Lens Blur and Photosphere of course) I found myself wanting an easier access to the different modes the app offers. Luckly, the devloper of the app has provided a solution.

ABC Widget works in conjunction with the 'A Better Camera' app to provide quick links to all of the different functions.

The 4x1 widget provides static links to the single shot, HDR, night, video and panorama camera modes along with the flashlight.

If the user wants a more customizable option, the user can use the 4x2 resizable widget. The first option allows for a choice from three background styles, transparent, dark, or semi-transparent. From there the user can select specific or all camera modes to show up in the widget. Selecting each square brings up available modes along with blank if modes need to be removed. I recommend keeping one spot available for settings in case you want to reorder the widget without having to start all over.