Monday, May 19, 2014

[Game Review] Monument Valley

Do you like physics based puzzle games? Long for the retro style of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. from the NES? Then Monument Valley may be the addicting game for you!

After a brief tutorial to "access" the game, the user gets right into solving puzzles. When I say access, the initial puzzle is aimed to get the player used to the style that the game brings to solve puzzles. After completing each level, the player then moves to the next level with a slightly more difficult puzzle. The physics aspect plays a part when the player needs to move the princess across bridges and manipulate the buildings to uncover stairs and adjust the level of walkways. While this sounds simple enough, the building and bridge manipulations take into effect physics and 3d modeling to have to figure out how to change the structure. The best comparison is the picture which looks like it has a vase but adjusting your vision can also show two women looking at each other. The game also moves in all four directions and may have the player move structures themselves to complete the level. While the first couple of chapters are straightforward enough, further chapters require more and more patience along with some ingenuity.

The other thing players will find is that the graphics of the game increase with the complexity of the level. While the training level has a basic black background, the castle in levels 3 and 4 have an airy feel along with a waterfall. The music also follows along with the game while not being overly intrusive to make the game very engaging.

Overall the game is very addicting while continuing to remain challenging as levels progress.